“your WoW times were a highlight of the year for me”

Lancashire Head teacher

“Thankyou! That was great! You could see the kids really thinking right the way through!”

– teacher, Clitheroe

“You’ve impressed everybody”

– Clayton Le Woods school teacher

A fire is started from a single spark. If the fire is where the land is ready to catch light it will spread out of control.  Reaching people with the love of God is like that ignition spark, and once the fire has begun there is no putting it out.

My mission for the last 25 years has been by the power of the Holy Spirit to pass on the good news message of Jesus Christ  in a mission context, and that fire continues to burn within me outrageously.

This good news is that God loves us unconditionally, and has a plan for our lives, and when we say honestly and truly that Jesus is Lord and believe in our inner most being that God raised him from the dead, then we will inherit promised eternal life.

This message is passed on through fun, the best music and meaningful expressions of worship which engage kids; and through inspiring leaders and parents beyond just the great ideas and professional resources available.

My goal is to ignite the passion of those called to ministry and mission, and set spiritual fires burning in the hearts of people throughout the world.

It’s a spark which becomes a passion to tell others of Jesus, to respond to the love of God for us…to make disciples. Our calling to set fires burning wherever God calls us….more

Being unable to stop talking about whatever your passion is.  It stirs the heart. It IS that sense of your emotions, your heart, being set on fire…more

This is our mission. And in the same way that those astronauts were going to places where no one had gone before, I am called to go to those who have not yet heard of the good news of Jesus Christ…more