Simple outline for assembly based on the ‘Mr and Mrs’ quiz show from many years ago, exploring prayer for primary aged children.

As prayer is mainly personal experience, and hard for even adults to explain, this assembly bases itself around the idea of talking to a friend, and how well you know that friend.


Game of friends and neighbours – how well do you know your friend.

Ask everyone who is sat next to at least one of their friends to stand up.

Ask everyone who DOESN’T sit on a table next to their friend to sit down.

Ask everyone who DOESN’T want to be asked questions about their friendship to sit down

Ask everyone who Doesn’t want everyone else to know about what they talked about this morning to sit down.

Send one of half of the ‘couple’ out of the room, the other stays in to answer the questions.

From those still standing, choose two pairs and one Christian teacher who is also willing to answer questions about their prayers.

One person from each pair and the teacher leaves the room.

Team 1

1) When you first saw each other this morning, what was the first thing that you talked about?

2) What time of day are you most likely to talk to your friend?

3) What would you say that XXX would say was the best thing about being your friend? (what did they say was the best thing about being your friend?)

Team 2

4) What have you already talked to your friend about today

5) Do you ever talk in class when you are not supposed to

6) What is the best thing about your friend? (what did XXX say was the best thing about you?)


1) What do you talk to God about when you pray?

2) Do you ever talk to God in the classroom or in meetings? – where else interesting do you pray?

3) Why do you like praying and talking with God?

For everyone:

What do you think prayer is, having heard what we have said

Why do we pray

Where can we pray

Get feedback and summarise:

Jesus thought that it was very important to pray. He would often go off by himself to talk to his dad, and he wants us to do the same. He also prayed with other people. It doesn’t matter what we want to say, God really enjoys listening to us and talking with us. Sometimes, and we don’t know how this works, but we can even ask God to do things for us! Praying is very much the same as talking with a good friend, wherever you are. And because you can speak to God quietly in your head, and he can still hear you, you can talk to him even when you have been told that you are not allowed to talk in class (or in a meeting if you are a teacher!)

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