Local prayer idea!

The thief that I am, the other day I accidentally removed a mug from one of the schools I regularly visit.  Yeah, I know, well that’s me.  It got into my bag between the staff room and the assembly hall.  I confessed up, and they told me to keep it.  Every time I use the mug (as I am now) I think of the school and pray for them!  Now I am not suggesting that knicking stuff is to be a regular feature of schools ministry, but I have had an idea.  There is a company called Zazzle http://www.zazzle.co.uk/?rf=238067487814440506 that I found out about in detail over the weekend who produce design-your-own giftwear.  It’s a bit pricey, but you can design your own mugs as one offs (£10.95-16.95).  I have seen the quality and they are really good – dishwasher and microwave safe I think.  Not just a tacky label slapped on.  A couple of ideas.  First, you could just go and buy your own mug and design it with the school logo or something to remember the school. But why not go further?  You can set up an account so that you can get a flexible royalty fee of up to 99%.  That would make an expensive cup, but if you designed one, or had the school children design one (which costs nothing to do) you could then sell them to your church congregation, encouraging them to pray…and then give the royalty money to the school.  Why not run a competition in the school?  Obviously the idea is that each time someone uses the mug they pray for the school, the money idea raises funds for the school.

Or you could just get one from the school, with permission of course.