Ok, its the holiday period now so most of us schoolswork types and even the ministers aren’t in school.  Give it up for the

teachers who are working already on next term and the cleaners and site managers whose job starts now!
But for the rest of us, out thoughts turn to the Christmas sermon.  That Christmas talk we are trying to cram in.  Actually, probably more than one.  On twitter I know some people who have already written theirs!  But for us lesser mortals who are stuck for something to say I have compiled a list of links.  Keep in mind that these are only ideas!  That means that to make it work for your congregation and be more or less all age you will have to adapt it.  As they say in Starbucks (or as I call it, my office)  – ‘enjoy!’

X-factor in reverse Gods teenage choice at Christmas – Excellent take on Mary’s song and x-factor
The cracker – Christmas cracker assembly on this blog
Short Jenga Christmas talk – why we can’t take things out of Christmas
Christmas Powerpoints with instructions I have uploaded 3 full powerpoints, all contained in the one folder.  Suitable for childrens/youth talks and all-age worship  The folder opens in ‘esnips’ so if you don’t have an account you may have to create one.  Quite easy and worth it (free).  Choose and download what you want.  The files are:

  • Images of the Christmas story in photo form, with reflection opportunity at the end
  • Light presentation: a quiet reflection.  Works well with children if narrated
  • Epiphany! Yes, getting it ready already.  Based on a man who is walking around the world and reflecting on the wise men and how far they travelled.

Schoolswork.co.uk put me onto a load of links: thanks Amy!

Chocolate Sprouts – Yes, you heard it.
Lego nativity – just what it says on the tin
Ripples in time – I just had a look at this.  It is completely awesome, very simple, but you need to be careful how you do it.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/pDlJe-1Z