Where can I find Bible holiday club ideas?

When you connect church and school, one of the ways in which many churches continue the work in the holidays is to provide a holiday Bible club.

Some churches write their own materials, others prefer to go with something that is already in a package, such as the Scripture Union holiday club materials 

According to the emails I have received in the past and have already had this year, now is the time that churches are starting to plan for their Easter Bible holiday clubs, and have started looking for ideas.


Here are some useful links to Scripture Union materials

Scripture Union holiday club ideas for the last 3 years

Essential resources including forms, legal requirements and training materials. 

On the Bible holiday club pages I have included more links and resources to important forms – save you digging!  More on that below.

Over the last few years Scripture Union have also been eager to continue the one week work of Church holiday clubs throughout the term, and so have produced a range of additional resources called Eye Level  which pick up the same theme and ideas that have been communicated in the holiday clubs on an ongoing weekly basis. You might find these useful for your work in school too as many ideas can be adapted for club use and to provide assembly ideas.

I have been asked by a couple of people to provide some training and resources in the past few days, and as I had already typed some notes it seemed appropriate to give my readers access.  I have included a bullet list of areas that you need to look at to put together a reasonable holiday club, as well as links to cheap booklets and free information to give to your leaders for training.  And (very informally and unofficially!) I have included a rough guide to risk assessment.  You have probably heard the government phrase ‘tax returns don’t have to be taxing’?  I would say that risk assessments don’t have to be risky….well you get the idea anyway!

What do others have to say?  I love this quote from John Khurt, Director of Livability Community Mission in London.

“The Scripture Union Holiday Club gave me an experience that I will never forget. It has affected my choices about where I live and what I do for work ever since.”

 “As a teenager, Jon Kuhrt helped with an SU holiday club on a tough North London estate – this is the story of how God used it to transform his faith and shape his career…” <more…>

If you live in the Blackburn/Preston/Leyland area of Lancashire and would like some training for your holiday club leaders, then give me a shout.  My time is limited at the moment, but I may be able to squeeze you in.  If you aren’t planning your event until Summer I almost certainly will be able to accommodate you.  My email is revandygray@gmail.com

Free publicity

If you want to put a link in the comments section of this page to a bible holiday club that you are doing in your area, then please do.  Include the name of your church, and your town.  This will increase the ‘links’ to your website that will help your holiday club to be found by anyone searching locally. (get your webmaster to create the link as relevant anchor text for best results).

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