Just  saw this one on Mr Maker (you can sometimes catch up on it via BBC iPlayer.)

Use cotton buds to make the pictures.  They make great bones too, but perhaps you could use them to make outline pictures and shapes.  Just lie the cotton buds end to end, cut some shorter and leave others longer.  Glue them down to (darker) coloured paper.

As you are creating these crafts, make sure that you are talking to the children about what the bible passage means, and ask them how their picture is showing that.  You can do this as a class activity perhaps if you work in school.

If you can still get access to an overhead projector, why not glue or sellotape cotton buds to a piece of transparency to make the pictures for the story.

If you want to go digital, then make the pictures at home, take a photo and put it on a memory stick to take into school.  If you want to get really clever, mount the camera on a tripod so that it doesn’t move, add one cotton bud to the picture, take a photo, take another picture, add another cotton bud and so on until you have the whole picture.  Then go to your powerpoint program, and overlay each picture with a delay between each one of about half a second.  The picture will build up in front of their eyes as an animation.

Here are some 2 sample passages that might get you started.

  • The deaf shall hear…
  • Those who have ears, let them hear

Just put the word ‘hear’ ‘ear’ or ‘ears’ into biblegateway.com’s search engine for keywords and see what comes up!

Happy ear budding!