Epiphany, fresh start new Year assembly/short talk ideas: idea#4

Epiphany, fresh start new Year assembly/short talk ideas: idea#4

This assembly/talk for epiphany focuses on the comitment and reason for the travellers coming to Jesus, and compares it to Gary Hause. Finally we ask why we might do things for Jesus.

Ephiphany, fresh start new year assembly and talk ideas #3: travelling wisdom

This assembly/short talk focusses on the gifts brought to Jesus, and the thoughts behind them, then encourages those present to consider what they bring to Jesus. If you were to have been one of the wise men, and you were to visit Jesus, I wonder what you would have taken to him to show what you thought of him? ….

Epiphany, fresh start New year Assembly and talk ideas #2: Wise men, or women!

The decision of the wise men (or could be women!)

Briefly introduce your theme, New Year’s resolutions. The New Year’s resolutions are decisions that you make to do something different, perhaps exciting or a change in the way you live to make things better for yourself or others. Invite the children and young people to tell you what their New Year’s decisions are. Point out that people make decisions for all sorts of reasons, a lot of theme are about following. For example…