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Brand new resource for kids homework questions about the Christian faith

If you have kids in school and want to find out about the Christian faith, there’s not a lot of information around.  Some of it is old fashioned and boring.  So we thought we would try to put it right.  Tell us if we got it right! The site is new but expanding rapidly.  We are aiming to have a complete Easter resource including history, stories and pictures by Easter. http://kids.splatontheweb.org/

This is a very simple option for your Easter assembly ideas as it takes no props.  Based on the idea of losing a mobile phone signal being like the experience of loss of the disciples.  So this could work in two parts: Good Friday you could tell the first half, Easter day the other half.  Or of course just use it in your Easter school service!

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Ask if anyone has experienced talking to someone that they really care about on the mobile phone, about something important, and then they lose the signal.  I do it something like this.

The other day I was on the train travelling up from London when I called my wife.  ‘Hi wife’ I said.  And we started talking about some important things.  All about what we were planning for the weekend.  And then we started talking about one of the problems that we had to sort out when, would you believe it, the phone suddenly made a funny noise.  I couldn’t hear her anymore.

Have you even had that?  Maybe you were talking to you mum or dad on the phone or someone else, and suddenly you can’t talk to them.  You might start jumping up and down (here I act it out – humour is important to my ‘style’, but you might be different.).  You know what I mean?  Maybe if I stick my finger in my ear.  Or perhaps if I climb up really high (I do this too).  But no, it won’t help.

Can anyone tell me what they think has happened?

Wait to get some sort of response.  (The basic idea is that you have lost the signal, you are unable to talk to them.)  And if it’s someone you care about, say your mum or dad or a brother or sister who is away, and you really want to talk to them, how does it feel?

That’s what happened to the disciples.  They had spent three years with Jesus, and suddenly he was gone.  The teachers of the law, and the people who didn’t follow Jesus, had lied about Jesus and Jesus, who did nothing wrong, was killed.  Jesus’ disciples couldn’t talk to him anymore.  Just like the lost signal.

And one of the saddest people was Mary.  Not Mary his mum, another Mary, one of the women who had been a follower of Jesus.  She was very upset.

She went to the tomb early on Sunday morning to sort out Jesus body.  In those days they buried people in caves in the hill side, and rolled great big stones across the front of them.  Then their friends would put oil and perfume on the body so that it wouldn’t smell.  It was a mark of respect for a dead person, and part of the burial.  But because of the time of night when Jesus died, the disciples who took his dead body down from the cross hadn’t had time to put the oil on it.  Just time to put the body in the cave.

So Mary had gone back on that Sunday morning to sort things out…

Only the stone in front of the cave had been rolled away!  And Jesus body wasn’t there any more!  She was really upset, not only had she lost her friend who she could talk to, but now she didn’t know where the body was.  She sat down and started to cry.

But then, someone stood behind her.  She turned round, and through her tears she thought the person she saw was the gardner.  ‘Please,’ she asked, ‘Where have they taken Jesus’ body?’

‘Mary!’ the man replied.  Suddenly Mary realised it was Jesus.  It was jus like when your mobile phone suddenly starts working again and you can talk to the person you love!

Jesus was alive, and Mary could talk to him again.


To finish this easy Easter assembly, take a moment or two thinking with the children what it would have been like to have lost the chance to talk with Jesus, and then what it would have been like to be talking with him again.  Then a prayer something like this.

“Dear Lord, you are always there to hear us when we pray, you promise that.  You promise that you are always with us.  Please help us this Easter to remember that you are alive and always with us.  Amen.”