I know many people who work in education and are Christians.  Many of them have to put up with long hours, hassles that go beyond the vocation they trained for, paperwork that goes beyond teaching.  And that doesn’t include the care they invest in for the pupils and emotional upset when it all goes pear-shaped.

Stapleford centre have recognised this, and for many years have supported Christians in education through fantastic resources, which combine the curriculum outside of the regular RE or PSHE formats.  So, for example, you can explore holistic spirituality through maths, English, or history.  The bookshop is worth a 30 minute browse to get a feel for it.

I see now that they also have a Monday link to a free creative idea for primary RE!  Watch this space for the links for each Monday and I will endeavour to put them up.

The centre has also been very involved in building up the support community.  So they regularly organise conferences aimed at professionals in education which deal with how to be a Christian teacher in the classroom.

And finally, I received and email a few days back telling me that they have just launched a new area of the website called Grapple.  This aims to be an online supportive community where teachers can ask one another questions, get ideas, and continue the kind of support that Stapleford have usually offered through their conferences.

If you know of anyone in your congregation who is a teacher or involved in some other way in school, then please see if they know about Stapleford.  In fact, if you know the holder of the church purse-strings, why not see if the church could pay for them to go to one of the conferences?  It could just be the support that they are looking for.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/pDlJe-6C