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I’ve written a few assemblies over the last couple of years. I won’t bore you with the details, just give you the links.

Easter or palm sunday assembly ideas using a chocolate egg

massive easter resource hard copy or digital download


 Heres an idea you can use right now (today) on social media.  but then you can use in your assemblies, services and holiday clubs and so on.  Full details of how to use on my post. Its a kind of votable info graphic, but then there’s a meaning behind it. Don’t forget to join kidzministry while you are there.


New image for 2018 next! Please don’t publish this until Good Friday, then put it across social media. (use year after year). Download please, don’t just link to this page. Here is the thumbnail image, but it links to a larger version

Facebook size




Instagram size



Egg on your head assembly idea (not one of mine!)

Assembly idea with plastic easter eggs

Assembly idea for a community school based on Aesops fable, the mouse and the lion

Easter assembly ideas: lost communication

Free Easter assembly or sermon power point for kids and adults to download and use

There is also a new commercial Easter egg in on the market which has printed on the box the real meaning of Christmas.  Available in local supermarkets, but supplies are egg-stremely limited.  Look out for the realEasteregg.co.uk and visit the website to find out wher you can get yours.  A percentage of sales is given to charity.