Remembrance and forgiveness: Jacob and Esau Getting on and falling out assembly or sermon

It’s been a long while since I wrote anything up here: I blame the change of job and ordination! But now back on the assembly trail with about 6 a term I should be blogging them up again.

This particular story is partly in response to the upcoming remembrance day, partly as a forgiveness assembly story.

It is quite length (and it could do with a bit of a grammar overhawl). Usually I would post it up here, but it’s rather long and I have a number of subcribers now over at hubpages, some of whom might do well to hear a story about reconciliation and forgiveness.

So please forgive the brevity of this post and the link out. Feel free to use the story and adapt it in whatever way you think: it’s my retelling, and I’ve included something of a reflection too in it.

So go on over to http://andrewgee.hubpages.com/hub/Jacob-and-Esau-Bible-Story-a-retelling

Let me know what you think!
Every blessing

Andy Gray


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