Some Psalm assembly ideas are easier than others.  Psalm 1 is a particularly interesting fish since it has the whole bad people get bashed and good people get to heaven type vibe to it.  Ok so it doesn’t say that, but that’s the gist, and that’s pretty hard to do in an assembly.  Sometimes it’s used in schools though to introduce psalms.  Hmmmm

So I came up with a different way of doing an overview. (A long description, so it’s summarised at the end)

You’ll need 6 pieces of A4 paper with each letter of PSALMS written on it, and something big to write on such as flip chard, white board, or even the power point projector.

Begin by asking who likes singing, and then follow with these questions.  Try to get as interactive as possible, here I will tell you what I did in the hope it will inspire an idea or two.

When do you like singing? (We had at the dinner table, so I made a joke about food coming out of your mouth) : someone said in school, so I asked what their favourite songs in school were – Our God is a Great Big God was mentioned, so we sang it all together.  I noted it was a God-song

I asked about special times.  Someone said Christmas.  We spoke about Christmas carols – I sang them O little town of Bethlehem, asked who it was about.  Because they told a STORY.

I then pretended to score a goal in football (complete with commentary) and sang “one nil, one nil etc..”.  This was another time to sing songs, as a CELEBRATION.

How about a song everyone has once a year?  We sang happy birthday…to my hand since there was no one else to sing happy birthday to.  So a song can be to remember a SPECIAL OCCASION.

I then sang the tune to the ABCDEFG, and asked what it was the tune to.  We then sang it all together.  So some songs are to help us to LEARN.

Point out that songs, then, can be sung at any time, they can tell stories, be celebrations, be to remember special occasions, to help us learn, and some songs are about special people like God.

There is a book in the bible, right in the middle, which is really like a hymn book – songs all about God. (Demonstrate how to find psalms right in the middle of the bible…one without pictures works best, but don’t show them the spelling of the book).  But it’s got a really weird name.

Have some of the oldest children come and hold the letters, and have them already scrambled.  Give them 5 seconds to get themselves in order of a real word.  Probably they won’t do it!  Try a couple of times and try to pronounce the word they make.

Help them out, spell the word correctly, of course it still looks wrong.  Explain it has a silent P (I made the joke about going to the toilet really quietly…the teachers got it about 10 seconds later ;- )    )

The book of psalms is full of songs about God.  They have been sung for thousands of years by Jews and Christians, some on special occasions to remember those occasions, sometimes as celebrations, some to help us learn, some tell the stories of God’s people.  Some even say how unfair everything seems!

Have your volunteers sit down.

Now everyone is going to write a psalm, a song about God.

Write the following up on the board, or have it already written up.

God is____________


So we will__________


Write each of these lines up one at a time, and have them filled in before you write up the next line.  I had the children talk for 5 seconds in pairs to come up with the ideas each time.  So we had

God is brilliant

Because he gives us good things

So we will say thankyou

When he takes away the nasty things

For the last line I was hoping for a time or something, but this suggestion worked well enough.

Then we all said the new psalm a couple of times through together, and then I prayed using the psalm as a base for the prayer.

The teacher in charge told me that they were going to keep the psalm and try to come with a tune for it and use it the next day to carry on the theme.


  • When do you like singing
  • What songs do you like to sing
  • Looking for key words: Story, special occasion, celebration, learn
  • Book in the bible full of God songs just like this
  • PSALMS on separate pages
  • Write a new song all together using:

God is
So we will