Just a quickie in note form


Here’s what i did.  Box of cereal with a ‘try me or your money back’ on the reverse.  £10 note with a photocopy corner:  note prefolded on the corner to match the photocopy: wedding ring on finger.

Asked what was the connection between the 3.  Then read the back of the box – explained wihtout over emphasising it was a promise of a refund.  Tore the tenner corner (use the ppphhhweut sound out of the mouth at the same time…I’m sure you do that bit, showed gimic as if it had come from £10, then restored it (could have used this later as an explanation that had i ripped the £10 in two it would have made it useless….thoguh you can claim the silver, apparantly); got someone to read the ‘promise’ statement from the bank of england and showed how the promise means we can use money to buy and sell things; showed how my wedding ring is a promise of our love for each other – got deliberately mushy.

Ask for the common theme, which now they got.

Spoke about importance of promises.  Illustrated promising parent you would be good…5 minutes later you are naughty again (pantomimed this).  Every one laughed.  I promise to take you to disneyland…(kids got excited) then I told you later that i changed my mind. (kids groaned)  Promises are important, and it feels aweful if they are broken.

Told story humerously of the promise of Isaac as the promise of God, which Sarah laughed at…so Isaac means laugh.  Explained promise of cereal box kinda slightly important; promise on £10 very important as it what makes money work; promise of wedding rings very very important; promise of God most important of all – he never breaks his promises, and he has promised he will never leave us or forget us.