This St. Valentines day assembly is based around the ‘love is….and the greatest of these is love’ statements in 1 Corinthians 13. With a little adaption you can dispense with the need of two kids to act out the part of dogs, and instead just talk about dog training. By doing that you can probably adapt it to a secondary school St Valentine assembly as much as a primary school one.

You will need:
Statements printed from this site, cut up into strips, AND REMOVE THE EXPLANATION (see below)
A paper napkin, preferably red.

As with all my assembly ideas, I will detail how I did it, but you should adapt for your own context and style…I am particularly mad!

EXPLANATION for preparation of the slips of paper:

Scroll down to point 3, and use the statements listed.   I removed the second part of the statement each time so that it became more interactive. I’ve done this bit for you [Love is statements] but I still suggest you visit the website   so you can see the links to the passage. I had the statements read by children from year 6, so i didn’t want them giving the answer out as they read the statement.  Its actually quite a good assembly as it stands, but I don’t think it quite gets over the idea of the different types of love, although it does show love is the greatest.

You also need to know how to make a napkin rose. Watch the video below.  This guy takes much longer than I do!  Don’t start with the really tight wind at the beginning, instead just wrap the napkin around your fingers in a tube – if its been folded you just have to watch that you form the tube evenly.  Once you have your tube, twist tightly down about half way, then bring one bottom corner up toward the point where you twisted to.  Pull the rest of the napkin back down again and twist whats left.  Don’t fuss with the leaf.  Give it a go, it should take about a minute with only a bit of practice.

Now you know what to do, before assembly starts, give the slips of paper out to the year 6 children, as that will make it quicker during the assembly itself.  Have a few red paper napkins to one side.

Welcome to St Valentines day assembly!  I prefer to call it kissy wissy day, with lots of hearts, and flowers and all the boys saying yuck….

To explain what love is today I wanted to bring my dog, but I couldn’t because you can’t bring dogs into school.  So instead I have two volunteers [two volunteers V1 and V2 come up, both acting like dogs…no they don’t have to crawl on all fours!)

V2 is directed to sit to oneside.

Shout at V1 as a dog to sit.  Get really angry.  Shout and then stamp your foot – this is the indication that V1 is to run into a corner looking scared.

Ask what you did wrong…shouldn’t you be strong with your animals so that they obey? (should get the answer be patient, kind, not angry…) Point out that whether its people or animals, they respond better to love. whatever is answered, summarise it as ‘love’.

Speak to V2.  I used a fake french accent, and ‘romanced’ my ‘dog’, making a red rose for it. Put the rose in the dogs mouth.  Dog eats it and spits it out.

Point out again you don’t understand…kids show that its a different kind of love.

MAKE THE POINT  that first, a dog will do what you ask it when you treat it with love, not with anger.  Love is stronger than strength and force.  But not kissy wissy hearts and flowers love, there are different kinds of love.

The Bible talks about love.  God’s love isn’t kissy wissy love…but what kind of love might it be like? Give the kids 30 seconds to chat about what it is, before bringing them back together to answer to the front what kind of love God’s love might be like.

Once you have a few answers, have the prepared year 6’s come to the front and go through them one at a time, having them read there statements.  Put the negative ones on your left and the positive ones on your right.  Explain to everyone that they have to figure it out, ‘call out ‘Gods love’ or ‘Not Gods love.’  We have particularly good kids to do this with, who will calm down really easily, just be careful!

Summarise the whole assembly:

Love is stronger than even strength.  There are different ways of understanding the one word love.  God’s love isn’t kissy wissy, it’s patient, strong, forgiving, hopes (if the kids have come up with some ideas, then use them!).  If on St Valentines day you don’t get a card, or you haven’t anyone to give you one, don’t forget that God’s love is greater than all love.  God gives you his God love, always will, and we can show God’s love to one another whenever.

Finish with a prayer.  Ask everyone to reflect on their relationships at home, maybe pulling out a couple of the negative statements about what love is not (eg ‘think of the times you have been selfish with your toys/sweets’)  and ask God to help you to share his love with others at school and home.