This ascension idea started life as a family service talk.

You will need:

Plant pot



Sunflower seed.


Introduce the word WHY.  Why does a paper airplane fly.  You can make a paper airplane, and throw it across the room.  Why does it fly?  http://www.explainthatstuff.com/howplaneswork.html

Everything, just about, has a reason.  Try this, why does a sunflower grow?

I think i will grow a sunflower…

Put it in your hand and stare at it.  Of course it doesn’t grow.  Say to the kids ‘why isn’t it growing’?  It needs soil and a plant pot.

Put the seed down, pick up the plant pot, add soil.  Still it doesn’t grow.  Why not?

The seed needs to be in the soil.

Put the seed in the soil.

It still isn’t growing…why not?

It needs water. Put water in a fresh pot.but don’t have the seed in it.

By this time the kids will be getting cross…careful they don’t get too wound up!

Obviously it needs all three to be in the same place at the same time.

Act out the story of the ascension.  If you can bring yourself to do it, theres a great moment when the disciples are staring up into the sky when the angels appear and look at them as if they’ve lost the plot, and challenge them to do what Jesus said…stay in jerusalem, then go when the Holy Spirit comes.

Explain…things only grow when the right seed is in the soil and watered.

The church was just a seed when Jesus went into heaven.  Not a real seed, I mean tiny, but with massive potential.

It needed to be planted…the place to plant it was in Jerusalem, which was the perfect place because it was a very important trade centre for lots of different people. Then the Holy Spirit came…like water!  And the church grew.

If you are able to, you can then do a response activity,  this works well in classroom assemblies, or as an activity that the classes could do later.

Have the children plant their seed – have some plastic sandwich bags around though for them to carry the seed home.  They can water it, let it grow and bring it back in to school. Plant out all the sunflowers as an example of how God makes things (and the church) grow.

On lollipop sticks, the wide craft ones, write the verse of the bible about I planted, Apollos watered, but God made it grow.

God grows the church!

God grows the church!