You won’t know Byron, he is my 14 year old.  From birth there was something different about him.  He didn’t feed properly, and he was intensive care for a time.

He learned to speak slowly, and then one word at a time, and often looked like a rabbit in the headlights.  His favorite game was lining things up in order, or having you do it for him.  He never went through the collaborative play stage, in fact he never really got into the parallel play stage (which comes before it and is part of child development).

He struggled fitting into school.

When he went to secondary school he went into school refusal within weeks, and it has been a very long journey back.  Many tears, and pain.

Still he has struggled going from class to class – a teacher has to take him, and much of his time is spent in the learning center.  its scaring him a lot as he looks to be working towards his exams because it is exhausting for him.  All the noise, everything, just overwhelms him.  We can’t afford to send him to a more appropriate school, nor does he want to go as he has a couple of friends now.

Yes, Byron is autistic…or rather Aspergers.  You’d not really notice it most of the time, though the fact that he is obsessed with animals and computing might give it away. And its hard.

Looking at the evidence, his Grandad is, I am (that explains alot now…) but Byron is the most extreme of all of us.  He finds it hard to fit into regular church.

A few years back he said he saw an angel in his room.

Then yesterday he came to us last night and said, “Oh, I’ve been meaning to say.  The reason I am no longer scared about going between classes is because I can sense an angel guarding me.”

Woe!  That is awesome!

You see, I have known of my two for years.  Watching me.  Its funny when I come across a prophet who tells me about them as if I didn’t know.  And get shocked when I tell them that I am fully aware.  It was them who dragged me to my feet to be baptised – odd feeling a hand on your collar lifting you up.  Another time I felt a hand on my shoulder.  I’ve seen them (in my minds eye I should explain, if a Christian can use that term.  Beyond imagination, but definitely seen). Another time I felt them rip the steering wheel from my hands before we had a crash, and saw the evidence of them knocking over the street sign we hit…there wasn’t a mark on the car and yet must have been a cubic yard of concrete lifted out of the ground.

We don’t acknowledge one another really.  They are there for the purpose of my protection and we look to point people to Jesus.  I talk God, not them.

Hey, Jesus had angels minister to him…so why not us?  Just don’t worship them, ok?

I also have heard the Spirit say to me and show me that I am in command of an army of angels.  You think that’s boastful?  Doesn’t mean to be.  What confirms that one is that someone prophetically told Anne-Marie my wife that she too was a commander of an army, without my saying anything!

So to have Byron turn round and say what he did is no surprise.

But I wondered if there was a secret behind all this…so I texted my mum, who herself is something of a prayer warrior.  And is to blame really for me being what I am…I was dedicated to God before I was even born!

My mum wrote back:

“I always pray for protection for you all…and thinking about it a few weeks ago I did ask for him to be surrounded by angels.I had remembered the picture I been given of your sister when we were concerned about her…along time ago, but it just seemed that what I had to ask for Byron.”

Angels are a common theme in the Bible.  Some have entertained angels and not known it, says Paul.  I have encountered them in real life…people I have spoken to who have said something encouraging, and then literally vanished when I turned around.  So has my dad…when a big man lifted his car onto the road when it skidded off the track…and then vanished.  Friends of mine who are Christians have met the same kind of thing.

Like I said, don’t worship them.  Instead, know they are there, sent by our Lord for our support and protection. They are another order of creation, they are not the souls of those who have died.  And know that into whatever situation you walk they are there.

(they also don’t have wings.but it was the only picture I could find!)