Do you ever feel like you are struggling to get the right balance in kids ministry? (there’s an app for that….)

You’re trying to do the best you can, but you are struggling to find the right resources to teach those who you have a responsibility for; to lead your leaders of the children’s work; and the parents seem to be on your back all the time too…and the people who seem to be forgotten are you and your family!

Its all about getting the right balance, and someone seems to have put you on this great big pole which if you fall off you’ll really hurt yourself…its a long way down (this is a 1000 foot cliff) and you never wanted to be up there anyway!

This isn’t a circus act you know!


Maybe you feel like the person at the bottom of the pole, who is hanging on whilst everyone else seems to be doing the fun stuff?

focus on guy holding pole

Did you notice this man holding the pole when you looked at the first picture? If you are in kids ministry its sometimes like no one seems to notice you lying on the cold hard rock of and trying to keep everything steady, terrified of what will happen if you ever get tired, let go or just go off somewhere.  Of course its not all about recognition, but it can be pretty lonely.

I know what you mean, I’ve been there, and there are still some days in ministry that I feel the same (just being honest here).  But we have a great God, who holds us in the palm of his hand.

Thing is, we also need a bit of help practicality speaking.  And this is where I wonder if I can really help YOU?

Now I can guess at the things you are looking for…probably more good ideas.  But I am going to be honest with you here, there are thousands and thousands of ideas out there already.  Perhaps what you really need is a hand finding the ideas and resources that will help you in your ministry?

But how about looking at your own spirituality as well?  Jesus said we were to go and make disciples, but how can we make disciples if you are struggling to be one yourself?  The balancing act starts to get a little rocky, whether you are at the top of the bottom of the pole.

Then if you are leading the team, how about the spirituality of your team…who is taking care of that?


Who is helping you, who is helping your team…

And in all of that there is all the busy side of ministry.  Working out what to do next.  Where to get the resources from.

And not suffering with overwhelm-itus!

Its hard to cut through.

Ok, so I have an idea where to go, to address these areas to support you.  But at the moment I am guessing, because I really need YOUR help to be able to cultivate a really precise way forwards.  I am asking you what you would like me to do for you…what supportive resources I can create for you. I’ve got over 25 years of experience in leading children, and leading and training children’s worker both locally and nationally in the UK.  Writing supportive materials for leaders, and materials that can be used directly with the children.  So seriously, how can I help?

How can I help…

Think of it another way.  Imagine that I am your personal app on your phone and I can answer any question you have about children’s ministry.  What would you ask me? Go on..,take the risk.

Leave a comment below….I invite you whether you are new to children’s ministry, an old hand, the only leader in a church, the superintendent of a large Sunday School…or a midweek group or a school group.

Or if you prefer, leave a message on facebook

And while you are thinking, here are some more pictures of terrifying balancing acts! (I think the scariest is the block of ice)