My friend just put this online as he returns from holiday and reflects on how we are people together. Suntans, humanity and freedom of belief.

So I’ve been on holiday with the family. It was amazing. Great family time. I love you all. I had thoughts for home. Trouble’ s to think about. But still managed to enjoy the time I had with my loved ones. My skin got darker I turned a bit browner I looked different from when I went away. But I was still me. I still loved everyone as before. And I still loved my fellow being. In short. My skin changed but I didn’t. Every human being deserves my love. Stop the hate. Skin colour is nothing what we do is what we are. The few may damn us the collective will define us. Love everyone and everyone should love you.

In the UK at the moment, and in other places around the world there is an increased risk of division based on the colour of skin, accent and ethnicity. As Christians, it is so incredibly important that even when we don’t directly agree with the creed of someone else.  We don’t let the colour of their skin or ethnicity dictate our actions and response.

Jonah and xenophobia

In Jonah, it is a lesson against xenophobia as much as a lesson about God’s forgiveness.  And of course where Jesus picks up about his own death and resurrection. God shows how he loves and is concerned about everyone.

Freedom of belief

As we go through our journey as humanity together we must stand up for the rights of others to be able to express their faith in the way that they choose too. No, I might not agree with everything someone else says. But because Jesus death is about love and free will we should give others the freedom to live and believe as they choose so long as it isn’t at the harming of others. Remember that seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with God must be our hallmark.

I wear a safety pin. It’s a symbol that if there is anyone in trouble (though it started with the protection of Muslims) I will stand up for them.  Safety…see?

So yes, I will preach the gospel. And yes, I will be there for everyone. And yes I will stand up for the rights of others to believe in what they choose even if I don’t follow those beliefs myself. Because to be distinctive but with love is the way forward so that not everyone is forced to believe the same.


“Safety pin” by Michael Pedersen is licensed underCC BY 2.0