One of the fun things I get to do is to run a pop-up mission and ministry pop up boardgames cafe. I used the idea of gleaning online to produce money to buy boardgames, which now supplies a successful board games group. This works as a way of connecting with and building community. It especially connects with those who are Aspergers because, we think, that there are definite rules and turns in conversation and social interaction. And for some reason, there is anecdotal evidence that what is experienced in game playing actually has real-world impact on how decisions are made.


I am not the only one. There are ministers all over the place now who play boardgames. And a load of us are setting up groups to connect with others. It’s fun, its social.

Saturday just gone (June 2016) for three hours or slightly more, the churches in my hometown of Clitheroe got together for their once a year BBQ. There’s blow up things like bouncy castles, kidzone, face painting, football cage, stage games, music… the list goes on. Normally churches who do this kind of thing charge for everything. We don’t.

Everything is free, from boardgaming to food.

People give freely of their time and equipment. I think the most it costs is to buy the burgers…but the churches do that. We literally want to just show that we love. Love Clitheroe…it’s the name of the event. It’s not even the whole idea of getting people to church later. It is literally to show love for people. It’s great. It was the seventh year running that we have done it. It always starts off in the morning with a concern that there will be rain, and by 12.30 it is always bright sunshine, no matter what the weather man says!

ministry, mission and boardgamingThis year they asked me if I would run the boardgames cafe in a marquee. It was fantastic.

During the day we had attend well over 1000 people from all over our local area. We had pushed it all over facebook. The advert that I had put out about the boardgames cafe had over 1000 views and 20 shares. So you get the idea…the main advert had thousands more views, all organic.

For us, we roughly estimated at least 60 people went through our games tent, and since there were only five tables that was pretty good going in three hours. Most of the people I didn’t know. We gave away loads of leaflets inviting them to our next event too. I am now wondering where I could put the next pop up outside of our normal gathering!

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