I am not a great one for stupid, silly and foolishly pointless quotes. But since yesterday I have decided to try something I heard on a podcast about a youth pastor turned entrepreneur who accredits some of his success to reading proverbs, one chapter a day every day. Then my friend dropped an AI bot to me (its not really…just a random generator of stored quotes, and it gave me an idea.

Lets have a quote off!


With some mirrors (one larger one for the last activity) and pens and paper.

Have the group take turns staring intently into a mirror and try and remember what they look like. Then take the mirror away and have them draw themselves.

What was hard about it? Probably remembering exactly what you looked like as much as doing the drawing.  What would it be like to completely forget what you looked like?

Begin with an example of stupid, silly and foolishly pointless quotes

Watch ‘Mystery Men’ (Ben Stiller, 1999; cert 12 according to common sense media as a film, but there is nothing beyond PG in the clip), two minutes from the following clip

Ask whether or not any of the quotes made sense and if they were really pointless or not.

Grab some gadgets (tablets and phones)  and direct them to the website


With paper and pens (or just screenshot) have the group spin through a few of the quotes and grab their favourites. They can do this in teams or individually.

Ask: What was it about these quotes that made them stop? Funny, silly, or useful.

If you are up for some foolishness (which goes with the point of this) you could have penalties for the people who choose the worst quotes. Perhaps cream pie in the face. Or if it’s hot outside buckets of cold water, voted on by everyone else.

Or cleaner or dryer option is to collect together all the quotes and have the kids run to three different places in a room…or if it’s a small space lie down, sit or stand, to vote on if the quote is funny, stupid, or pointless.

 Exploring the Bible for wise quotes.

You could set this up yourself before you begin. Have some quotes from the bible which are full of wisdom.

Search google images for bible quotes of wisdom. (I suggest you put a timer on otherwise you will be there all day!), and print them off for the group to see. Are these good quotes or not? Are they useful?

How about a couple of strange ones in the bible (I had these at my wedding…from my vicar father!)

A nagging wife is like a dripping tap (proverbs 27.15)
It’s better to live alone in the corner of an attic than with a quarrelsome wife (Proverbs 21.9)

Ask: in all these sayings in the bible, they don’t sound particularly Christian or religious. So why do you think that they are there?

(Suggested answer if they get stuck)- the bible isn’t just to give holy ideas. It is a very practical book because God is interested in every part of our lives.

If there is time, then have them go through bibles through proverbs and find some interesting quotes. Some that are fun, but some that really help to deepen a relationship with God. (You could take this further and at the end suggest that they each take a few chapters each and over the coming week find some more ideas that they could bring back the following week)


Something that many people don’t really know is treated in the Bible as if it were a person. The Greek word is sophos, from where we get the name Sophia, or Sophie. But the way the Bible puts it, wisdom is in everything. It’s not just about being clever. Wisdom is part of God. That starts to mess with our heads a bit.  Look at this passage though

Lord, I love your law! Psalm 119.97
Your word is like a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path Psalms 119.105

So the word is seen as God’s law. Where do we hear that in the new testament?

John 1 talks about everything being made through the word of God…Jesus. Who is the light in the darkness.  Kinda all comes together, doesn’t it?

So wisdom is essential, and it comes through Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. So you want to get wise…get Jesus.

Oh, but don’t be proud of it.

1 Corinthians 1.26 …. I will leave you to look that one up!

So how do you get wisdom? Here’s what the bible says

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom Proverbs 9.10
If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God James 1.5
For the foolishness of God is wiser than mans wisdom 1 Corinthians 1.25

Wrapping it up

What’s important to grasp isn’t that wisdom is just about knowing stuff. It’s about how those things are used. You can look in a mirror, then forget what you saw. How is that wise (James 1.23)? Jesus talked about a wise and foolish man. The heart of it was to hear Jesus words AND put them into action. This is why we need the Holy Spirit, who will teach our hearts (Jeremiah 31.33) and will remind us at the right time (Luke 12.11).

Give some time to talk together about what you could all do to be better at gaining and using God’s wisdom. Consider circumstances that members of the group have faced where they needed wisdom.

Give opportunity for students to respond and ask God for wisdom, this leads into the final section.

Reflection…use a mirror

Using the Mirror and a marker pen (either soluble or permanent depending on if you want the mirror back) have the group write on the mirror Bible quotes that they have found useful. You could play some music as well.

Other ideas

Please do contact me with more suggestions. You can reach me on facebook via revandgray, or liking the kidzministry facebook page.
Heres one for now.
with a computer and t-shirt transfer printer, and some cheap white t-shirts, grab some quotes that the group find. Search for some suitable images to go with it and then go to https://imgflip.com/memegenerator.

These pictures and texts you could print onto t-shirts.