Had a tweet waiting for me this morning from a certain bishop many of us know that he had done a black in the whites thing… a single errant sock making a whole world of difference. Of course, we often see the effects of such things as a major catastrophe. and our world is full of the one person/action making a negative impact in a much bigger area.

But what if we were something different. Jesus spoke about being salt. Salt in the old testament was sprinkled on offerings to make them holy and acceptable to God (leviticus 2.13) – an ancient symbol of “hospitality, friendship, durability, fidelity”.

A little salt will flavour a whole meal of course. And if we are salt in the world, as Jesus asked us to be, perhaps we make a holy difference by being there. Something to think about during Lent.

And even if you don’t have faith, just think about the impact for good that you could have – the positive spin on the red sock in the pink washing. We all have a choice, and we all make a difference. Positive or negative.

#bemoresock 😉

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