Ok…so you know how I like viral media and the like? You will only get this gag if you know your films, but it is a classic. But its worth thinking about what gets shared for your own posts about church events.

Viral media is something which gets shared because it is funny, entertaining…and in short provides some escapism (essentially what facebook and instagram are…sometimes twitter though can be more useful businesswise…other social media outlets are available)
So if we want to get seen by people on fb, sometimes we need to be sharing pictures of cats. People get used to opening our posts then.
But we also need to think about how to create viral media to get traffic to our sites or pages. And then share it.
Ok, so what’s going on here…. well there is nothing more boring than a car parts shop. True? And yet this page for a car part company has had 16.5k shares on facebook! that’s an aweful lot of traffic, and traffic=awareness, the first stage of any campaign to find the people who want to connect with you.
And yet it isn’t hard to do…its just funny.
The picture is essentially the ‘click bait’. Click bait is something which raises interest or a question which I think makes you want completetion (psychologically) by clicking it. ‘nine people out of ten won’t click this link to find out how to make money without lifting a finger’ is click bait.
The picture here is asking you to do something, which isn’t a direct link. Clever…facebook algorithms would filter it out. But because it is so precise searching google will only produce one result at the top.
When you do search it, expecting a car autopart to pop up and it does, but it’s so iconic AND unexpected…and the description so funny…you are naturally inclined to want to SHARE it.
The final test is social proof. If people you trust share something you are more likely to click it yourself.
And yet it doesn’t exist as a real thing, it doesn’t have a message, it doesn’t ask for your name or anything. It is really just to get that traffic coming to your site…because the odds are SOMEONE is looking for that one thing at the time.
How’s it work for churches. Well there are always some people looking for a spiritual solution or other all the time, but may not have thought about the solution Jesus offers. number one, on your website don’t just offer church on a sunday, but think more broadly. What are people’s needs….friendship is a biggy. But not everyone feels happy going to something, so how can you offer friendship in a different way? Think of all the objections to making friends there are and solve them. Make it easy to make friends. And don’t just think about everything you do resulting in more church members or people coming to faith, think about them as people and God being there for them, and how much He loves them.
When you have these things on your church website you need to get the traffic to see your ‘offer’. This is where you can get viral. So you can find some crazy idea, just think related, but humourous.
Not everything will work, but see if as a church you could find some people with mad senses of humour and get viral.
oh…and do what the picture says…it’s worth it!
So, if you want to gain traffic