Right, so virtual reality DJing from your own collection I have just discovered could be a thing. Back end of 2017, a company called Entropi released the VR app to enable it…

Vinyl Reality: DJ in VR

This is the crazy bit. In second life, where I hung out as I wrote my paper on second life and spirituality as my placement, i went to discos.  Amounted really to no more than boxy type people listening online to someone streaming. And you could press a button to make your character dance.

Second life is nothing compared to VR, still in it’s infancy.

Now, you’d be a fool to think that VR and young people aren’t going to be a thing. So as youthministers, that’s going to be the place where you have to go. But lets pull this together, and talk future. If I am right and part of my mission is to DJ and connect up there…and in my recent exploration of that the streaming is a thing…and one reason is that I realised that one great way of reaching young people is online and through media…then this is going to be a thing, People.

So i am calling it now… make fun of it if you will, but theres always something worth taking a risk on. This is going to be a future development.

Here’s a recorded ‘live’ dj set (20 mins)

Whether it ends up being this company, or another one, it will happen. So keep your eyes peeled.

I don’t think as yet it looks like there is the sense of lots of people in the room at the same time, but give it some time and they will be….

Watch this video (facebook) from Mixmag about what it could look like…