The Adam and Eve bible story animation is now on Youtube in a new home on my new channel, Forethought.

adam and eve bible story animation link

Adam and Eve bible story animation on Youtube

Http://Www.kidzministry.org/adameve will take you straight to the YouTube video.

There’s a variety of creative things I have planned over the next few months for the channel. Some are about mission, some about faith, some animations, and some just about life and life hacking (although surprisingly a lot of Jesus will get in there…. 😉 )

To help me get there YouTube needs to know people like what I am putting out. And it only knows that by having subscribers who watch stuff, comment, thumbs ups (and even downs!) and getting notifications.The biggest support you can be to me right now is to do exactly that! Please hit the link, watch the video and ALSO PLLLLLLEEEAAAASSSEEEE help me and subscribe!

This is an Adam and Eve bible story animation that I made in 2017, and it went viral on facebook before I uploaded it to youtube. Although it is a retold Adam and Eve story, I have stayed faithful to the original meaning and text, whilst bringing out the relationship between Adam and God. I deliberately decided to not deal with the fall, consequences of sin and so on. The idea is that the minister or children’s worker and Sunday school teacher can explore the story from the point of view of the relationship with God, and then if they wish can talk about the fall and sin.

The art is hand drawn and then coloured in photoshop, before being animated in motion artist.

Personally, I think that it is really important that the story isn’t just about ‘the fall’ because without the understanding of the relationship with God the fall doesn’t make any sense at all.I am hoping that people will be able to use the videos to help them with witness and testimony, and generally sharing their faith and teaching others.

Thanks so much!

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