Just a bit of an update.

Currently sat in a premier inn in Somerset, interview tomorrow for the position of faith sharing enabler. It’s 2pm, so if you’re a praying sort please do!

It’s a 24 hr a week diocese role across the whole county. So that gives me space to keep developing the illustration business.

As promised though, I would be pushing forward with some YouTube stuff.


….please subscribe!

It’s called forethought and if I can get to 100 subscribers I can have a proper web address to share!

Seems like the most popular by far is my animated drawings. So for a short while I shall focus on that. Takes a little longer than regular film making, but it’s something seems to make a bit of an impact.

I’ll be recording some stuff about writers working with artists and helping writers think through business too as part of the channel with the hopes that people will drop to see the other videos.

And as I do that I’m going to start creating more videos to help people share their faith, but since that might be part of a new job I’m going to see what might happen there…anyway I’ll know in a date or so!

In the meantime, if you haven’t found it yet, look up ‘forethought’ on YouTube. My channel has a number 4 in a speech bubble.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support!

Ps….not decided on that forethought tagline yet!