5 days and counting to GDPR.

I think I have everything right GDPR wise, but it’s hard to tell.  So I am going to try and make this really clear and short then you can decide if you want to keep getting these emails from the posts!

The main point is if you are happy with everything I list below, then you don’t have to do anything, new opt ins or anything. See point number 1…i was already GDPR compliant because I have no intention of using the data in any other way.

So…keeping it short…

  1. When you subscribed to this mailing list you gave your explicit consent as will become law if you change your mind you can unsubscribe at any time. Check the links at the bottom for the unsubscribe.
  2. What you agreed to was that I would only use your information for myself. And that I would pass you stuff that you found useful. In a few days, I am going to ask if you are interested in supporting me a bit…it’s an idea I have had about creating some awesome evangelism materials. And about my own personal circumstances coming soon. And I can’t say more ‘cos it’s not official yet. It will be a request for only £2 a month, and the main reason is for me to be able to communicate easier with you.  Yes, less than a costa coffee.  If you are still happy to have that additional request, then stay subscribed. Otherwise, hit the unsubscribe button.
  3. I can see your email addresses. If you subscribe by wordpress system or via mailchimp I do get to see your emails. But that is all.  That data is kept on the server for wordpress, or mailchimps server. I don’t store any of it at home. If you email me, I do so through Googlemail.
  4. Cookies haven’t changed their policies.

Any questions you have about how data is stored, or how I use your email please just give me a shout. More than happy to answer. My email is revandyg [at] gmail.com.

You can see the privacy policy I now have in place at

Privacy Policy