New game! Today Byron and Roo (my two sons) issued me the red paper clip challenge. Without using money or enhancing any item, beginning with a single paperclip exchange items slowly increasing in value, and see where you get to.
It is the ultimate exploration of growth and not fixed mindset.
I’d never heard of this but those who know me well know that this would be right up my street. And fun.  Link below to the original
We have come up with a few ‘guidelines’ to keep me on target. And i don’t know where it will go or if I will follow up on it all or just abandon the project. But if you would like to watch what happens…
ok so…
1) Start with a paper clip. Doesn’t have to be red.
2) Each trade must be in person. I may spend money driving to a place. I’ll buy you a coffee.
3) I can use social media.
4) I cannot spend money enhancing the item, or advertising. I cannot sell it to buy something else. It has to be a trade
5) I can use free publicity
6) Each trade should enhance the other person’s life, not just be a charity thing cos I can pull on their heart strings…
7) At the end, whatever that looks like, I’d like to help a charity.
Not quite sure where it would end. But growth mindset is about the journey, not the end result.
On the way through I would like to create a photograph of each trade (get a stranger to help), and use those photographs in a book which would be published at the end telling the journey. I am free to sell the book. Just being upfront here. Each person i trade with will get a free copy of the book! They can also have any contact details printed in it if they like.
I can use patreon if I decide it would be fun to do so. That might cover other costs, like getting a book printed! (see below). Or maybe just do a kickstarter. I’ve bought the book that the original guy wrote and I want to compare the difference in UK to states.
oh and I am a fan of Dave Gorman….So it may have something of that flavour to it…
So, what do you all think…anything i should add to this list?
And if you would like to read about the original paperclip guy…

the red paperclip challenge. Growth mindset experiment

So why do this, and what’s it got to do with ministry anyway?
1) its about growth mindset.  Fixed mindset would say to even start this would be silly. But growth mindset is in it for the journey.
2) it’s about creating a better world just by doing something simple
In mission for Jesus, we try to do things that are actually big. Because big is better, right? But we can get overwhelmed.  And so don’t even start. Mission is about transforming the world around us in the power of God and taking a few risks along the way. And then telling that story.  And I will be telling that story along the way.
Second thing is i would like this to be an inspiration for people. Just to try and do something. Anything. And then tell the story. And tell people about Jesus along the way. Who knows what will happen. Might even be a complete failure but who cares? That’s the point, if we are going to be able to tell people about Jesus then we need to take a few risks.
Ultimately telling people about Jesus and them getting to know who Jesus is along the way is the ultimate transaction, but it is costly. Our risks, their risks and so on. It’s not simple. Not necessarily easy. But if we don’t try and make to big a deal of it and do it slowly then it’s not as hard as one might think.
And if it all does somethig….then hey, i’ve got a story to tell 😀
Anyway, I’ll document this along the way, create a process, and who knows, maybe you will have a go yourself. And transform a few lives by the power of God along the way too….