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If you are anything like me, you’ve spent hours and possibly lots of money trying to find the best worship songs to use with kids.  And then they don’t seem to fit together…or seem just that little bit cheesy.

I’ve been collecting albums and tracks as part of my ministry for 25 years…some of which amazingly work still today because they were ahead of their time, or music just hasn’t changed much.

I’ve put together a free resource PDF document for you which lists the 15 best albums to buy, and another 6 lists of songs…from the best rock tracks and pop sounds, to the best pure dance tracks.  Whats good for party fun, whats silly, what’s quiet. I’ve deliberately target the mid-age group with this, the 7-11 age group because I’ve found that targeting this age group means you just about keep the top age on board, so long as you involve them, and the younger ones will join in as they see the older one’s joining in.  So the trick is to hit the 8 and 9 year olds, which is what these lists do.

You won’t need to buy all the tracks, and in the world of Amazon and iTunes you can buy one track at a time.

I’ve included a load of tips from my experience as well, and a fantastic new app (apple only I’m afraid) which will actually mix your tracks for you…so you can hit the play button, lead worship, and there’s no breaks between the songs.

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