Radio page…


1 March, 2018

OK, so just experimenting here! In the main titles because, well, its fun

Rather than practice mixing each night at around 11-12midnight on my own, you are welcome to join me. Most music is PG rated, and I try to avoid anything too suggestive, but occasionally might mix something and go ‘eek!’

I’ll announce on facebook (revandygray) when i am live, or going live later in the day. And you can catch it there, or here. (look for revandygray on facebook)

Hope it works!

update 2 March

Had a few teething problems last night, and had to change the software I was using, but in the end worked really well.  However, I wondered about copyright.  Most people just don’t seem to care, but as a Christian I can’t do that. So putting streaming on hold just until I can get everything in line and the right licences in place.  If you are interested, then either find me on the kidzministry facebook group, or else at revandygray.


Read THIS page to find out why I am even doing this….