igniting passion for mission among children who have never heard of the Good News of Jesus

me mediumMany years ago now I started writing down the assemblies I was creating and using in the schools I was visiting on a regular basis with my work as primary schools worker in Lancashire for Scripture Union.  I was losing track of which assemblies I was using where, and realising that sometimes I could actually repeat some assemblies as the theme reappeared in other places.  So i started writing them down, and using the tags to be able to remember what i had done where.

Then people started finding the posts I was doing, so I started making it a more useful site based on Children’s ministry as a whole.

During my curacy, I wasn’t needing to do as many assemblies in more than one school, so I kind of let things drop, and didn’t worry about it.  little did I know that over those four or so years the readership was growing, and more recently when I revisited the website I discovered that it had grown to a subscribership of over 1000 people.

As I prayed and considered this, and what it was that God was calling me to in the future, I realised that people still wanted my assemblies, and because of some rather interesting coincidences (God-indidencies?) it seemed like it was time to revisit my love of writing and creating, commenting and sharing.  And perhaps…just perhaps…build a resource that was as useful as possible to people in their ministry with children, to least me looking for and exploring new ideas.

So May 2016 I took the plunge, and moved the website from to here, with a new name (…the reason for the Z is the S was taken!), set up the forwarders to make sure that people could find me and google still played nicely…and off we go!

I am now an ordained pioneer minister for the Church of England, setting up fresh expressions of church.

I am called to lead children in the dance of worshiping Jesus.  There’s a whole load of theology behind that, but right now, lets just let it be what it is.   I hope to inspire both children and leaders so that their hearts are set of fire by the power of the Holy Spirit and encourage mission among children.

My aim is not just to produce new resources and outlines, though there will be some, but also to help children to discover Jesus for themselves, and provide support for children’s leaders to become disciples making disciples; make great use of the resources they already have; and discover the plans which God has for them to lead children in their church.

So stay tuned..through social media on Facebook, and twitter and by subscribing to the  news letter which includes a download link to a list of the best kids worship songs available at the moment.

More than anything else, email me ( andy[at] ), or facebook me (via the group page) and tell me what you would like writing about or ideas.  I’ll see what I can do!

Every blessing with your ministry

Andy Gray (Revd if you must know!)